24% of People Will Adjust Instantly to the Time Change...Good for them!

We set the clocks ahead on Sunday, which means you lose an hour of sleep.  Because, you know, who needs sleep, right? 

A new survey asked people how long it takes them to adjust to the time change. 

And a hearty "well good for YOU" goes out to the 24% of people who say they adjust INSTANTLY with no issues at all.

21% of people say it takes three to five days . . . 19% say it takes one day . . . and 16% say it takes two days.

But for 17% of us, it takes a week or MORE.

The survey also found 63% of people would be fine getting rid of the time changes and just keeping things the same all year long.

Oh . . . and 3% of people still have clocks they didn't bother to change for the last time change in the fall. 

(Full Story Pemco, Photo Credit Getty Images)


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