This Afternoon's Odd News 3/7/18

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Your grandma's legendary pie recipe probably came from a cookbook. In a new survey, the majority of people say they found out an old secret family recipe was plagiarized or came straight out of a box. (Atlas Obscura)

Here are the most common names for millennials, based on the baby name data from 1982 to 2004. For women, the top three are Jessica . . . Ashley . . . and Amanda. And for men, the top three are Michael . . . Christopher . . . and Matthew. (Huffington Post)

A grandma in Memphis agreed to smuggle a cell phone to her grandson in prison this weekend . . . but the phone turned out to be DRUGS. She says she thought it was just a phone, but now she's facing up to SIX YEARS in prison on a contraband charge. (CBS 3 - Memphis

Someone posted a fake Craigslist ad for "free exotic animals" the other day that said an animal sanctuary in Miami was closing down. Then several people who saw it apparently thought it was real . . . and stole seven ring-tail lemurs, five marmosets, four monkeys, seven birds, and 13 tortoises. (NY Post)

A guy in New Jersey lost power during a storm a week ago . . . and he was so upset on Monday that he threatened to kidnap one of his power company's employees AND blow up a substation. He was arrested for making terroristic threats. (New Jersey Herald

About a year ago, two one-year-old twin girls showed up at a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida after they'd been abused. Now they're in the news after they got adopted by one of the NURSES who treated them. (Action News Jax)

A two-year-old kid in Shanghai recently got his hands on his mom's iPhone . . . punched in the wrong password too many times . . . and locked it for 47 years. (Full Story)

A 27-year-old guy in Illinois got locked up last month after he thought there was a zombie apocalypse . . . stole a car . . . rammed it into an airport terminal . . . and boarded an empty plane to get away. (Full Story)

Some snake-oil salesman who used to be a mortician is trying to get senior citizens to pay upwards of $300,000 a year to have young people's BLOOD pumped into their body. (Full Story)

A family in Australia recently found the oldest message in a bottle that's ever been discovered. Researchers who were studying the ocean's currents tossed it in the water way back in 1886. (Full Story)


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