This Afternoon's Odd News 3/6/18

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A new study found that the smartest and most talented people are literally NEVER the ones who make the most money. Why? Because they found that the biggest key to achieving the most success is . . . quote, "pure luck." (Inc.)

More millennials lost money to scams than their grandparents did last year. 40% of Americans in their 20s fell for some kind of fraud last year, versus 18% of people over 70. (USA Today)

According to a new survey, the average 18 to 25-year-old is stressed out for six hours a day. The top things they stress about are money, their future, their appearance, their weight, their overall health, and getting a job. (BroBible)

Merriam-Webster just announced a bunch of new words they're adding to their dictionary. And they include cryptocurrency . . . life hack . . . mansplain . . . hate-watch . . . and dumpster fire. (Merriam-Webster(Here are more words they added.)

A new survey asked Europeans to rank the American accents by ATTRACTIVENESS. The Southern accent is the most attractive . . . and the Minnesota accent is the least. (Babbel)

A cheese festival in England is offering refunds . . . because they ran out of cheese. They're blaming it on the weather keeping a lot of their vendors away. (BBC)

Some mathematicians just ran a simulation to figure out which countries could survive a zombie apocalypse. And they found there's only ONE that has a high enough ratio of trained military personnel to fight off the zombies: North Korea. (Sputnik News)

A guy in Florida was busted for shoplifting at Target on Sunday. And he told the cops he did it because . . . shoplifting was on his BUCKET LIST. (The Smoking Gun)

A heart transplant recipient in Ontario ran his first ever 10K over the weekend, and his donor's family was there to cheer him on. The donor's dad gave him a big hug when he crossed the finish line . . . told him he was PROUD of him . . . and even said it reminded him of watching his late son when he used to play hockey. (CTV News)

87% of people consider themselves BUSY, according to a new survey. Only 10% of people say they've almost never got a lot of stuff going on. (YouGov)

A 70-year-old slightly inebriated guy in Connecticut was arrested last week for calling 911 four times . . . to report that someone threw his clam chowder in a dumpster. (Full Story)

It's National Oreo Day, and you can win a free Oreo-filled candy bar by going to the website (Full Story)

A 39-year-old guy in England is convinced Pizza Hut has been using a photo of him on their pizza boxes. It does look like him, but they claim it's someone else. (Full Story)

A woman in the U.K. recently got scratched by a dog . . . ended up with a bacterial infection . . . and had to have one of her HIPS replaced after the infection spread. (Full Story)

According to a new report, men with a bachelor's degree out-earned women with MASTER'S degrees last year by an average of $4,000. (Full Story)


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