This Afternoon's Odd News 3/5/18

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The Pew Research Center just announced their official definition of who's a millennial. And they say it's anyone who was born between 1981 and 1996 . . . so anyone 22 to 37 this year. (Pew Research Center)

The most expensive age of the average person's life is 31, according to a new survey. It's because that's the age when most people will either have a wedding and honeymoon . . . buy a house . . . have a baby . . . or do two of those or all three. (Daily Mail)

A guy in Maryland used BODY SPRAY on himself in his car on Thursday, then he lit up a cigarette. And . . . the car EXPLODED. He was taken to the burn unit with serious injuries. (NBC 4 - Washington D.C.

A 25-year-old woman in New York got arrested on Friday for screaming at a two-year-old and dumping popcorn on her head after the little girl talked too loud during "Star Wars: The Last Jedi". (Fox News / NY Post)

A woman in Kentucky recently freaked out when her 12-year-old dog's favorite toy got discontinued. It's the only toy he'll play with, and he goes through two a year. But a PetSmart employee in Texas saw her post about it on Twitter . . . found EIGHT of them in a bargain bin . . . and sent them to her as a gift. (Today)

High winds on the East Coast made for tough flying conditions over the weekend. And on one flight that landed in D.C. on Friday, almost EVERYONE on board got sick because of the turbulence. Even the pilots almost got sick. (Full Story)

A new study looked at the phenomenon of déjà vu, and basically proved it's not connected to anything supernatural, or a glitch in the matrix. It's just a weird feeling you get when something seems familiar. The study also showed it doesn't help people predict the future. (Full Story)

What's the most expensive thing your kid has ever destroyed? A woman in the U.K. posted a story about her toddler pushing a button on a remote that opened her friend's cabinet. A bunch of antiques happened to be sitting on it, and the kid caused about $120,000 worth of damage. (Full Story)

A doctor, two nurses, and a hospital CEO in Kenya have been suspended after they accidentally performed BRAIN surgery on the wrong patient. (Full Story)


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