This Afternoon's Odd News 2/23/18

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CareerBuilder just released its annual list of the dumbest things people have done in job interviews, including someone who tried to bribe their interviewer with pumpkins . . . and a job candidate who showed up in a full Darth Vader costume. (CareerBuilder)

10% of people say they have a secret chili recipe and they'll never share it with anyone, according to a new survey. The survey also found only 5% of people dislike chili . . . and 14% of people admit it gives them gas. (National Today)

Buzzfeed just released a list of the most popular food in every state according to the people who live there. And the results are a mix between signature foods, like deep dish pizza in Illinois . . . and obscure local foods, like a Norwegian flatbread in North Dakota. (Buzzfeed(Here are the results for every state.)

Two-thirds of moms say they hide the really GOOD SNACKS from their kids and their significant other, according to a new survey. And the most popular place to eat their hidden snacks are in their car or in bed. (New York Post)

A new study found the best and worst cities to move to for a completely fresh start . . . on your career, your relationship, and everything. The best are Buffalo, New York and Minneapolis . . . the worst are Birmingham, Alabama and Riverside, California. (PR Newswire)

A math club at Brigham Young University in Utah was hosting a panel event called Women in Math. And on their posters, they featured their four speakers . . . all of whom are MALE. (Huffington Post

The cops in Pennsylvania caught a guy trying to steal a car on Sunday, and he told them he was Matthew McConaughey. But there's REALLY not much of a resemblance, and he was arrested. (New York Daily News

A 12-year-old girl in southern California almost got abducted on her way to school on Wednesday. But another kid's mom saw it . . . started screaming . . . and pretended to be her mom just to freak the kidnapper out. So they let her go and ran off, and it might have saved the girl's life. (Orange County Register)

A seventh grader in western Pennsylvania called 911 from inside his school around 2:30 in the morning on Wednesday after he broke in while sleepwalking. (Full Story)

Someone near Philadelphia called the cops last Saturday after their cat crawled into their garbage disposal and got stuck. (Full Story)

A retirement home in England has started hiring POLE DANCERS to keep residents entertained. They keep their clothes on. (Full Story)


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