This Afternoon's Odd News 2/22/18

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Today is apparently National Margarita Day. And according to a new survey, 76% of Americans like margaritas . . . 7% hate them . . . and 3% will judge you for ordering a frozen one instead of one on the rocks. (National Today)

A new survey found the average American makes 156 impulse purchases a year, and spends $324,000 over the course of their life. The top impulse buys we make are for food, clothing, and household items. (Slickdeals)

A pair of male identical twins met a pair of female identical twins at a twins festival in Ohio last summer. They paired off, and earlier this month, both guys proposed at the same time. Both of the women said yes, and they're going to get married in a joint ceremony at the same festival in August. (New York Post(Here's a picture. Jeremy and Briana are on the . . . um . . . who knows? Does it matter?)

A new study ranked the states by how SINFUL they are, based on everything from crime rates to gambling. The most sinful are Florida and California . . . and the least are Vermont and North Dakota. (WalletHub(Here's the full list.)

The most popular spring break destinations this year are Orlando, Phoenix, Honolulu, Fort Lauderdale, and Vegas. And the top international destinations are all in Mexico . . . Cancun, Cabo, and Puerto Vallarta. (LA Times)

A woman in Georgia lost her house in her divorce last week . . . so she set it on fire. It spread to 19 other houses, and three of them burned down. She was arrested for 14 counts of felony arson. (ABC 2 - Atlanta

A fifth grader in Virginia saved one of his classmates from choking last Thursday. And he says he knew what to do because of an educational video he watched with his mom. (WTVR)

Is red wine good for your TEETH? A new study found it can help prevent cavities and fight gum disease. (Full Story)

A woman in Maryland was buying a lottery ticket recently, and the cashier grabbed the wrong one. So she made him grab the one she wanted instead, and left. Then the guy behind her in line said he'd buy the other ticket . . . and won $30,000. (Full Story)

A guy in Michigan used a smoke bomb to get some skunks out of a crawlspace on Monday and burned his house down. (Full Story)

This isn't a huge secret or anything. But did you know that if you have a Gmail address with a period separating your first and last name, that period doesn't actually matter? and will go to the same person. (Full Story)


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