This Afternoon's Odd News 2/21/18

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39% of people say sending back food at a restaurant makes them uncomfortable. And 3% wouldn't do it even if their entire order was wrong. (YouGov)

A woman from England was visiting India last week and she saw a cow with a big HUMP on its back . . . so she sang "My Humps" by the Black Eyed Peas to it. And that made the cow so upset it CHARGED and headbutted her. She wound up with bad cuts on her face, shoulder, and knees. (Daily Mail

A couple in England sued their wedding photographer a few years ago when most of the pictures he took were of all the bridesmaids' assets if you know what I mean! They won $800, but he's still in business . . . so they've gone public to try to save other couples who might hire him. (Metro)

(Here are the questionable pictures from the wedding link 1, link 2 and link 3 )

The cops in California are looking for a woman who was caught on camera stealing packages from outside of a house last week . . . wearing  just a bra. (CBS 13 - Sacramento

A woman in Iowa called 911 five times in January: Three because her toilet was clogged, and two because she was having issues with her TV. Eventually she was arrested for making a false report. (NBC 7 - Waterloo, Iowa)

A lady from San Francisco was flying from New York to Wyoming last week, and lost her engagement ring. But luckily a gate agent for United found it, then gave it to a pilot who was flying to San Francisco. And he hand-delivered it to her. (UPI)  (Here's a photo of the ring and the note.)

A photo of a woman's ankle tattoo is going viral, because someone didn't have the heart to tell her that the Chinese characters she went with actually translate as the word "miso." Although, there IS a chance she's just a massive miso soup fan. (Full Story)

"The New York Times"is being accused of body shaming after they ran an opinion piece last weekend that said women should stop wearing form fitting yoga pants, and go back to sweatpants instead. One woman on Twitter told them they can, quote, "have my yoga pants when you pry them from my cold dead BOOTY." (Full Story)

A woman was visiting the Florida State Fair with her family when her water broke. She ended up giving birth right there at the fair. When she returned to the fair with her family on Valentine's Day, they offered her and the newborn passes for life. (Tampa Bay Times)


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