This Afternoon's Odd News 2/20/18

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A recent survey on shower habits found 55% of us shower at least once a day . . . 2% only shower if they smell . . . 81% wash their hair first . . . 18% use a fresh towel every time they bathe . . . and 67% of us go #1 in the shower. (Buzzfeed)

Dogs are the most popular pet in America, according to a new survey.  Cats are number two, and fish are number three.  (National Today)

Social media doesn't actually make you lonely, according to a new study.  Researchers found there's no connection between how much time you spend on social media and how much time you spend face-to-face with people.  (New York Post)

According to a new global survey, the American accent is the 8th hottest accent in the world.  The top five are English, French, Italian, Irish, and Spanish.  (Time Out)

A woman in England was upset that an ambulance parked in front of her house on Sunday . . . so she left a note telling it to move.  And the cops said it was creating an abusive environment for the paramedics . . . so they wound up ARRESTING her for a public order offense.  (BBC

A cop who says he doesn't know how to swim jumped into a fast-moving river in England on Saturday with all his gear on, and somehow saved a guy from drowning.  (BBC)

A 57-year-old woman in Florida is facing battery charges for repeatedly tasing her boyfriend when he tried to walk out on their 16-year relationship. (Full Story)

A study in 2013 found that guys find women in GROUPS more attractive. The researchers dubbed it the "cheerleader effect," and now a new study just backed it up. It doesn't even matter if you're the LEAST attractive friend. Being in a group still makes you more attractive than when you're alone. (Full Story)

Cops in Australia are looking for three guys who recently boarded a city bus with a human SKELETON they stole. It wasn't a real skeleton though. It was the fiberglass kind they use in anatomy classes. (Full Story)


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