This Afternoon's Odd News 2/16/18

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According to a new survey, the top things that make you an adult include paying bills, doing your own laundry, having kids, and making to-do lists. (SWNS Digital)

Here are the top skills that every dad needs, according to a new survey: Being able to stay calm during arguments . . . being a safe driver even with constant distractions . . . fixing a bike . . . undoing tough knots . . . and putting up a tent. (Daily Mail)

A new survey found 21% of people usually throw rock first when they're playing Rock-Paper-Scissors. 13% go with scissors on their first throw. 9% go with paper. For the rest, it varies. That means you have the best chance of winning the opening throw if you go with PAPER. And scissors is the one to avoid. (YouGov)

There's a guy in London who was working as an insurance salesman almost a decade ago and decided to get healthy. So he lost 98 pounds . . . grew a hipster beard . . . and now he's working as a top male model. (Daily Mail

A guy in Florida agreed to give a stranger $20 for a $100 bill last week . . . but once the stranger was gone, he realized the $100 bill he'd gotten was FAKE. The cops are looking for the stranger. (Palm Beach Post)

A guy in Arkansas shoplifted about $550 worth of underwear, bras, and more from Victoria's Secret on the night before Valentine's Day. The cops are trying to track him down. (Arkansas Online)

A 23-year-old guy in Pennsylvania got into a heated argument with his girlfriend last month while they were driving in her car. And he yanked the EMERGENCY BRAKE while going about 60 miles an hour. Their car rolled and hit an embankment. She ended up in the hospital, and he went to jail. (Full Story)

A guy in England says he was trapped in a sewer for three days last week, and had to walk six miles underground before someone finally heard him calling for help. (Full Story)

UFO hunters are struggling to explain mystery ‘alien object’ spotted on Google Maps near Area 51. The object was first noticed by the YouTube channel SecureTeam10, which claimed it was in Area 51 – a top-secret military research base which has long been at the center of wild alien conspiracy theories. (Full Story)


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