The Top 50 Things That Make You A Grown Up

Grocery Shopping

A new survey asked 2,000 people to rank the top 50 things that officially make you an "adult."  We're on board with most of them.  Although "knowing how to change a LIGHT BULB" at #28 sets the bar a little low.  Here's the top ten . . .

1.  Paying your own bills.

2.  Doing your own laundry.

3.  Having a budget.

4.  Moving out of your parents' place.

5.  Having insurance.  Apparently that means any type of insurance.

6.  Buying a house.

7.  Making your own financial decisions without asking Mom and Dad.

8.  Paying into a retirement account.

9.  Keeping your house clean.

10.  Buying groceries REGULARLY instead of stocking up once a month.

Having kids just missed the top ten at #11 . . . buying a vacuum cleaner, #22 . . . following politics, #27 . . . your parents asking YOU for advice, #39 . . . making to-do lists, #43 . . . and getting your own pet made the list at #48.

The survey also found we don't feel like an adult until we're 25. 

(Full Story -- SWNS Digital)


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