This Afternoon's Odd News 2/15/18

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The five states that complained the most on Twitter about being single on Valentine's Day were Utah, Texas, Nevada, Alaska, and Idaho – you can check out the full Top Ten. (

A new survey found the best and worst cities for dating in 2018. The best are Madison, Wisconsin and Charleston, South Carolina . . . and the worst are Syracuse, New York and Bridgeport, Connecticut. (Apartment List(Here are the rankings for all 70 cities.)

Here are the top five things that distract us when we're driving, according to a new survey: Checking out apps on your phone . . . texting or emailing . . . talking on the phone . . . looking at the GPS . . . and eating. (PR Newswire)

Going on a blind date raises your heart rate as much as SKYDIVING, according to a new study. (Daily Mail)

A woman in California claims she saw Bigfoot last year, but since she doesn't feel like the state is taking her seriously . . . she just SUED to try to get it to recognize that Bigfoot is real. (San Diego Union-Tribune)

A guy ran from the cops in Minnesota last week . . . but it was minus-8 degrees outside. So he got so cold that eventually he called them for help. They found him, took him to the hospital, and then arrested him. (Twin Cities Pioneer Press

Someone at Union College in upstate New York recently looked through an old book owned by the library . . . and found a strand of George Washington's hair. (Full Story)

According to an annual study put out by The Knot, the average wedding in America now costs $33,391. And that doesn't include the honeymoon. (Full Story)

A museum in Philadelphia hosted an ugly sweater party back in December. And it turns out one of the guests snuck into an exhibit . . . and stole a thumb off a $4.5 million statue. (Full Story)


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