This Afternoon's Odd News 2/14/18

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Americans have two months of "bad days" every year, according to a new survey. And the biggest things that ruin a day are: Not getting enough sleep . . . feeling sick . . . and having a money issue. (New York Post)

There's a guy who says he time traveled here from 2030 . . . and he actually passed a LIE DETECTOR TEST about it. If you're interested in his predictions, he says President Trump will be reelected in 2020 . . . humans will travel to Mars in 10 years . . . and time travel becomes possible in 2028. (Daily Mirror)

The card game Uno is finally getting a sequel after 47 years . . . and it's called Dos. It goes on sale at Target next month. (Los Angeles Times)

Remember the soda called Slice? It's coming back, but it's not going to be a Sprite competitor anymore . . . it's going to use all natural flavors and compete with La Croix's "healthy" carbonated drinks. (Chicago Tribune)

According to a new survey in England, some of the top things that make you seem "classy" include going to the opera or ballet . . . seeing an art exhibit . . . and having a spa day. (YouGov)

A woman in England tried to hide from the cops on Monday by putting a laundry hamper over her head. Somehow that didn't fool them and they arrested her. (Metro

A woman in China didn't want to take her eyes off of her purse to go through an X-ray machine earlier this week . . . so she hopped into the machine and rode with it. The authorities told her not to do that again, and let her off with a warning. (Daily Mail

A woman near Seattle won $50,000 in a Powerball drawing last month while giving BIRTH. The drawing happened while she was in labor, then she found out afterward. She and her husband are using some of the money to pay the hospital bill. (

Three teenagers in Nebraska decided to test out an old flak jacket from Vietnam on Saturday by shooting it while one of them had it ON. The good news is the flak jacket was still capable of stopping a bullet. The bad news is the kid with the gun MISSED . . . and shot his friend in the rear end! (Full Story)

A law firm in Arkansas is running a contest for Valentine's Day, and the prize is a free divorce. (Full Story)

Good News: A woman in Ohio got her wedding dress back this month, 32 years after her dry cleaner lost it. (Full Story)


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