This Afternoon's Odd News 2/13/18

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13% of people say Valentine's Day is their favorite holiday, according to a new survey. But 6% say they hate it . . . and 5% say it's the MOST DEPRESSING day of the year. (National Today / PR Newswire)

54% of married people say they WON'T be going out to celebrate tomorrow, according to a new survey. That means the majority of married couples will maybe give each other a little gift, but that's about it. (National Today / PR Newswire)

People feel more satisfied with their job after they get a raise, according to a new study . . . but that feeling isn't permanent. Within four years or less, that feeling will be totally gone and you'll get back to being bitter and unhappy. (Eurkalert)

According to a new survey, Thin Mints are the most popular type of Girl Scout cookie, followed by Samoas and Tagalongs. But 9% of people said they HATE Girl Scout cookies (what is WRONG with them!!), and another 5% said they've never tried them. (YouGov)

The light from your phone could be making your skin AGE prematurely, according to a new study. Fortunately, it won't up your risk of getting skin cancer, but it can make your skin lose some of its color and develop age spots. (New York Post)

The couple who sold everything to buy a boat to sail the world . . . but then sank it on the second day . . . could have another shot. They've raised more than $14,000 on GoFundMe since their story went viral, which is enough to buy another boat. (Tampa Bay Times)

A guy in Massachusetts was just busted for using the obituaries to figure out when a dead person's relatives would be at the funeral . . . and then rob their houses. He's facing several charges, including felony breaking and entering. (CBS 4 - Boston

A reporter in Seattle got his TV station to buy up $1 million worth of viewers' outstanding medical debt this month for just $12,000. Then they forgave ALL of it. So about 1,000 people in their viewing area will be getting letters that say they don't owe money anymore. (KIRO7)

Today is World Radio Day, which is all about celebrating the power radio has to reach so many people. It's even a recognized holiday by the United Nations. (Full Story)

An 84-year-old woman in California was arrested on Friday after she shot at her neighbor's kids for being too loud. Luckily no one got hurt. (Full Story)

There's a woman in Arizona suffering from Foreign Accent Syndrome. She's from the U.S., but wakes up with different accents each day. Sometimes British, sometimes Irish, and sometimes Australian. (Full Story)

A woman in northern California was sick of people stealing packages off her front porch. So she got even by filling a box with 500 live COCKROACHES. (Full Story)


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