This Afternoon's Odd News 2/8/18

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Here are the things that have been replaced by technology that we miss the most, according to a new survey: Making mixtapes . . . putting photos into albums . . . and recording shows on the VCR. (Daily Mail)

The list of the 157 new emojis for 2018 was just finalized, and they should hit your phone in the summer or the fall. They include things like people with red hair . . . bald people . . . superheroes . . . feet . . . toilet paper . . . and a hippo. (Emojipedia

A restaurant in Boston is offering a burger for Valentine's Day that costs $3,000 . . . and comes with an engagement ring. They say no one's preordered it yet but a lot of people are, quote, "very interested." (New York Post

According to a report, the new corporate strategy for office romance is you can ask out a coworker ONCE. And if they say no, you can NEVER ask them again, or it's sexual harassment. (NY Post)

How do you feel about swearing at work? According to a new survey, 44% of people say it's never okay . . . but 9% say it's ALWAYS fine. (YouGov)

According to a new survey, you can use the same sheets for 35 days before it's gross. The average married couple changes their sheets every 20 days. The average single person goes twice as long before changing them. (Mattress Advisor / StudyFinds)

A woman in Canada is suing her boyfriend after he bought a lottery ticket that won $4.9 million last fall . . . and then VANISHED. She says he owes her half of the winnings, plus damages. (Toronto Star

Something called the "Golden Retriever Egg Challenge" is trending online. Basically, you see if your dog can hold an egg in its mouth without cracking it. But the really fun part is trying to get it OUT of their mouth without breaking it. (Full Story)

A 48-year-old woman at a hotel in Florida was arrested on Monday after she got into a fight with her boyfriend. And when cops uncuffed her so she could grab her stuff, she also tried to steal the bedding from her hotel room. (Full Story)

The world's biggest bra is up for sale on eBay. It's about a hundred feet wide. Someone made it to raise awareness for breast cancer back in 2011. (Full Story)

Speaking of breast cancer, a new study found that an amino acid in asparagus might help breast cancer spread. (Full Story)

Don't freak out yet, men. But there's a type of crayfish found in different parts of the world that's been mutating, so females don't need males to procreate. (Full Story)

A woman outside of a church in South Carolina shocked people on Tuesday when she ripped out her own eyeball. (Full Story)

A school bus driver in Texas had a medical emergency last Thursday, and his foot was jammed on the gas pedal. So a 13-year-old student jumped on his lap . . . drove the bus about two miles until he could reach the brake pedal . . . brought the bus to a stop . . . and even put the hazard lights on. (KXAN)


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