This Afternoon's Odd News 2/6/18

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There's an ice cream shop in Scotland that has a new flavor that's SO spicy, you have to sign a waiver before you eat it. Apparently it's 500 times hotter than Tabasco sauce. (New York Post

Google just studied what kind of foods people are eating in every city . . . and found where different types of cuisine are the most popular. Pizza is more popular in Detroit than anywhere else . . . BBQ is biggest in Memphis . . . burgers are most popular in D.C. . . . and Chinese food is the most popular in NYC. (Medium)

Researchers in Japan are working on a new potential cure for baldness that involves a chemical found in McDonald's FRENCH FRIES. Unfortunately, just eating more fries won't help you regrow hair though. (Newsweek / Science Daily)

The CEO of Doritos . . . who's a woman, by the way . . . just announced they're planning a new line of chips for WOMEN that will be less crunchy, have less cheese powder, and come in bags that fit in a purse. And the reaction on Twitter has been VERY sarcastic and unhappy. (Time)

A 56-year-old guy in the U.K. wants to ban all energy drinks, because he drank more than TWENTY-FIVE of them in six hours . . . overdosed on caffeine . . . suffered a brain hemorrhage . . . had three mini-strokes . . . and almost died. (Metro)

A woman in Florida got into an argument with her boyfriend during the Super Bowl over which team would win . . . and she threw a wooden shelf at him that hit him in the hand. She was arrested for aggravated battery. (CBS 47 - Jacksonville

A guy in a mask tried to rob a pizza place in Massachusetts last week, but the employees tackled him. And when they pulled off his mask, he turned out to be their former BOSS. He was arrested for armed robbery and assault. (ABC 5 - Boston)

A 63-year-old guy in Georgia has been waiting for a new kidney for six years, and no one in his family was a match. But his granddaughter recently went to get tested after she turned 18, and she's a PERFECT match. They're hoping to do the surgery in about a month. (WGCL)

One out of 10 men will BREAK WIND on a first date, according to a new survey. And one in five men say they'll pee with the door open within a few dates. (Singles in America)

Google analyzed YouTube searches from all over the world, and posted a map of each country's favorite Winter Olympic sport. The U.S., Canada, and Russia love hockey. Mexico and South America prefer bobsledding. And across most of Africa and the Middle East, the top winter sport is curling. (???) (Full Story)

A new study found that two drinks a day might actually help clear your brain of toxins, and prevent things like Alzheimer's. (Full Story)

A 41-year-old guy in Florida got arrested for robbing a bank on Monday after he made two key mistakes. He pretended to open an account first, and let them make a photocopy of his LICENSE. And his hold-up note was written on some medical paperwork that also had his name on it. (Full Story)

A woman in Ohio let her 13-year-old daughter get blonde highlights for her birthday. Then she went to visit her dad and stepmom, who didn't think it was appropriate. So they made her CHOP HER HAIR OFF, and she was devastated. Now Child Services is supposedly investigating. (Full Story)


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