This Afternoon's Odd News 2/1/18

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There's a new map that shows the top Super Bowl side dish each state is searching for. Chili, wings, sliders, dips, and "sausage cheese balls" are popular. Some of the lamer ones include Chex mix in Illinois and bruschetta in Vermont. (You can see the top food for every state here.) (General Mills)

Here are some random ways Eagles fans and Patriots fans are different. Philly fans are twice as likely to prefer hard liquor to beer or wine . . . and they're more likely to describe themselves as leaders. And Pats fans are more likely to prefer text messages to phone calls. (YouGov)

Monopoly is making a new version of the game specifically for people who love to CHEAT. It has cheating challenges, like stealing money from the bank or moving another player's token instead of yours. And it comes out this fall. (Business Insider

8% of guys say they've imagined their car turning into a person, according to a new survey. Also, one-third of guys have named a car . . . and 19% like spending time with it more than their significant other. (Vantage Leasing)

Here are a couple of new stupid dating terms that are going around. "Flexting" is when you brag a lot when you're messaging with someone before you meet them. And "cricketing" is when you go days without responding to a text. (Business Insider)

Nevada casinos made $26.2 billion in gambling revenue last year, which is an all-time record. Penny slots made the most BY FAR, at $3.2 billion. Blackjack made $1.2 billion and baccarat was at $1.15 billion. (iGaming Business /

A woman's pet tortoise escaped from her yard in England back in July, but apparently she didn't search THAT hard for it. Because it turned up last week . . . across the street. It had made it exactly 1,056 feet in six months. (UPI)

A guy in New Zealand got in big trouble with his girlfriend a few months ago when she found another woman's underwear in their bed. The guy SWORE he didn't know how it got there . . . and it turns out he wasn't lying, the CAT had stolen it from a neighbor and dragged it in. (New Zealand Herald)

A guy in California stole a tow truck last week as REVENGE for the company towing his car. Then he got into a chase with the cops . . . but since the tow truck topped out around 40 miles-per-hour, they easily caught him and arrested him. (San Francisco Chronicle)

A 66-year-old guy near Philadelphia has been a bus driver for the same school district for almost 30 years, and he's a huge Eagles fan. So a bunch of parents and former students raised over $5,000 to send him and his wife to the Super Bowl. (CBS Philly /

Employees at a Goodwill in Florida found a loaded GRENADE LAUNCHER in a pile of donated stuff on Sunday. (Full Story)

Amazon was just granted two new patents for a wristband that tracks employees' hand movements. (Full Story)

Two guys in the U.K. recently found 50 gold coins with a metal detector, and thought they were worth over $350,000. But it turned out they were just props from a TV show that had filmed there. (Full Story)

According to an annual study, the best places to get married this year are Orlando, Las Vegas, Atlanta, L.A., and Miami. (Full Story)

According to a new study, we aren't relocating as much as we used to. Just 10.9% of Americans moved last year. That's the lowest rate in 50 years. (Full Story)


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