Today is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

I feel like I'm doing a report for school, but did you know that bubble wrap was invented accidentally back in 1956 in Hawthorn New Jersey.  That's only 65 miles from Poughkeepsie!  Engineers, Marc Chavannes and Alfred Fielding, were experimenting with sealing two shower curtains together (why not?) and discovered that small bubbles formed between the two layers.  After trying to sell the idea of using it as wallpaper (now THAT would have been cool), they turned to using it as green house insulation.  A corporation was formed to that end, but it was in 1961, when IBM starting using the material for shipping, that it began it's legendary rise in POPularity (I couldn't resist), not only as packing material, but something to relieve stress, or just plain FUN.  

I'm thinking we won't have to hold any bake sales for those two engineers.  

How you can celebrate Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day I leave to your discretion.  

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