This Afternoon's Odd News 1/29/18

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A bakery in San Francisco just started selling the TACRO . . . that's half taco shell, half croissant. They're filled with either chicken, pulled pork, or barbecued jackfruit, and they cost $12 for three of 'em. (Metro

Have you ever eaten an entire cake by yourself? According to a new survey, 15% of people say they actually HAVE. (National Today)

New Orleans just cleaned their storm drains in the French Quarter and found 93,000 POUNDS of old Mardi Gras beads. That's over 46 TONS. (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

A woman wore a miniskirt in minus-40 degree weather in Kazakhstan last week . . . and she wound up getting serious FROSTBITE on both of her thighs. Her doctors released a photo of her legs to serve as a warning to, you know, dress for the weather. (Metro(Here's the picture.)


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