This Afternoon's Odd News 1/26/18

Today is National Spouses Day. And a new survey found the top things that ANNOY us about our spouses are: Selective listening . . . snoring . . . and being a control freak. (National Today)

The new sign that a relationship is serious is . . . if you know the other person's last name. People who meet on dating apps only see each others' first names, so if someone offers up their last name, it shows they're taking things more seriously. (Business Insider)

According to a behavioral psychologist, when you make plans for your weekend . . . even FUN plans . . . it actually ruins the weekend. It's because once you schedule something, it makes it feel more like WORK. (U.S. News & World Report)

72% of HR managers in a new survey said they think the day after the Super Bowl should be a paid holiday. 32% of us have shown up late the day after a major sporting event, and 27% have called in sick. (PR Newswire / PRRI)

You can tell if a HUG is meaningful by which way you lean, according to a new study. Researchers found that when you hug someone on the left side, those hugs are more meaningful and emotional. (Daily Mail)

A bar in New York City just instituted a new policy: Anyone caught using the word "literally" will be kicked out. They say they're sick of people overusing the word. (Grubstreet

A new study found that you should SWAT away mosquitoes when they come near you . . . but not kill them. It's because they'll REMEMBER that swat, and they'll take it as a warning to leave you alone. (Popular Science)

A 33-year-old guy in Tennessee is facing DUI and drug charges after he literally let Jesus take the wheel last Saturday. He says Jesus told him to let go of the wheel and close his eyes, so he did . . . and promptly flipped his truck five times. (Bristol Herald Courier)

A 60-year-old guy from New York recently walked around Disney World in a t-shirt that said, "In Need of Kidney," and it WORKED. Someone posted a photo of it on Facebook . . . hundreds of people called the phone number on the shirt . . . and a 39-year-old guy from Indiana donated a kidney to him last Thursday. (CNN)

Some female football fans are angry at Target for a line of t-shirts that suggest women don't know anything about sports. Like one shirt that says, "Let's Touchdown a Homerun." (Full Story)

Scientists in Japan have created a new type of banana that has an edible peel. (Full Story)

Airlines might start making the bathrooms on planes even smaller to make room for more seats. (Full Story)

Some guy posted a screenshot of an angry text he got from his grandmother . . . because it was 7:00 A.M. on her birthday, and he hadn't called her yet. (Full Story)

A guy in Virginia set a world record last Sunday by walking across 120 feet of Legos in his bare feet. (Full Story)

"Business Insider" posted a list of the most dangerous intersections in each state. (Full Story)

Two amateur golfers hit back-to-back holes-in-one at a course in Louisiana last weekend. Apparently the odds of doing it are 17 million to one. (Full Story)


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