Throwback Thursday - 2 Pictures: Me in 1994 and 40 Years Earlier

This one was taken in March of 1994 as I celebrated my 15th anniversary on the air in the Hudson Valley  It was a special live broadcast at the Ramada Inn in Newburgh.  My mom and dad were surprise guests.  I had no idea they were coming up from New Jersey, which, according to my father, was a three day trip by wagon train.  It was a wonderful day, for sure.

And here we are back in February of 1954.  They are smiling, because I was the firstborn.  Five more were to follow--I have two brothers and three sisters.  They took fewer and fewer pictures as the years went by but since all the Daily children all looked similar, they could just pass around the same old baby pictures of me and no one was any wiser.  

photos Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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