This Afternoon's Odd News 1/25/18

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One out of three Americans say they CAN'T get through a meal without being on their phone, according to a new survey. But 17% of people say they NEVER have their phone with them when they're eating. (New York Post)

The Tide Pod Challenge is actually HELPING Tide's sales, according to a new survey. Conversations about the brand are at the highest point in years . . . and there's been a jump in the last three weeks in the number of people who have bought Tide or are considering buying it. (YouGov / ABC 5 - Cleveland)

Driving a sports car is GOOD for your health, according to a new study. It's because having super-exciting little moments in your day is great for your overall wellbeing, and a sports car provides a lot of those . . . even when you're just doing your regular commute. (The Drive)

A car insurance company in England was just caught quoting HIGHER RATES to people with Hotmail email addresses than Gmail ones. And they say they did it because their research shows that people who still use Hotmail get into more accidents. (The Sun)

Only 7% of people say they've kept their New Year's resolutions perfectly, according to a new survey. And 4% abandoned them almost instantly on January 1st. (YouGov)

According to a new study, the LEAST annoying states to drive in are Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and North Carolina. And the most annoying states for driving are Hawaii, Washington, Maryland, California, and Connecticut. (Wallet Hub)

A guy in England tried to get out of a ticket for texting while driving on Monday by saying he wasn't technically texting . . . he was sending his girlfriend an emoji. That excuse didn't work, and he got the ticket. (Mashable

A guy in Florida tricked a valet into giving him the keys to someone else's $300,000 Ferrari last summer . . . but he got pulled over in it, and the cops found cocaine. So now he's facing charges for grand theft and cocaine possession. (Tampa Bay Times)

Two guys who were trafficking nearly 500 pounds of marijuana got caught in North Dakota on Sunday . . . after a cop pulled them over for driving too slow. (

A 21-year-old guy in New York who has Down syndrome started a clothing business about a year ago called John's Crazy Socks, and he's already brought in over $1.7 million in revenue. (Today / BBC

A company in New Zealand launched a satellite into orbit last week that basically looks like a huge disco ball. And supposedly, it'll be the brightest object in the night sky when it flies overhead . . . a lot smaller than the moon though, obviously. It'll be directly over the U.S. in March, and fall back to Earth later this year. (Full Story) says the best job to have this year is data scientist. The top five also include marketing manager, occupational therapist, and HR manager. (Full Story)

But if you're an animal lover, this might be the best job EVER. An animal clinic in Ireland currently has a job opening for a "cat cuddler." (Full Story)

A couple in the U.K. recently held their wedding reception at a KFC . . . had 40 guests . . . and it cost them less than $150. (Full Story)

A guy in Massachusetts thought he won $10,000 in the lottery, then went to claim it last Friday . . . and found out he'd actually won a million bucks. (Full Story)

An 18-year-old burglary suspect in Indiana told police he's not the one who broke into a gun store over the weekend by smashing through a wall . . . but added that whoever pulled it off must be really "smart." (Full Story)

Good News: An elderly guy started choking on a piece of hamburger at a restaurant in Massachusetts last Friday. But three first responders happened to be having lunch there, and saved his life. (Full Story)

A 28-year-old mailman in New Jersey got arrested on Tuesday for stealing people's credit cards. His bosses might have realized something was up when he recently started driving around in a Maserati. (Full Story)


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