This Afternoon's Odd News 1/24/18

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Here are some of the dumbest reasons people called 911 last year: A person had a long wait at the doctor and wanted faster service . . . someone saw a dead fox and wanted to report it . . . and a person wanted help making breakfast. (Leicester Mercury)

The website just analyzed their last 10 years of sales to figure out the most popular Valentine's Day candies. Conversation hearts came in number one . . . and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are number two. (CandyStore(Here's an interactive map where you can see the three most popular candies in every state.)

Today is National Peanut Butter Day, apparently. And according to a new survey in honor of the "holiday," 72% of people say they prefer smooth peanut butter over chunky. (National Today)

If your nose is COLD, it might not be because of the weather . . . it's could be you're working too hard. A new study found that the harder people worked, the colder their noses got . . . because their brains are hogging all of the blood. (The Independent)

Here's the Swedish secret to sleeping better: Apparently, couples over there use SEPARATE COMFORTERS. That means no fights over sharing the covers . . . and way better sleep. (Mashable

When your significant other is in pain, you can INSTANTLY reduce that pain just by holding their hand, according to a new study. And it's so powerful that it can even help during extreme pain, like giving birth. (Daily Mail)

Saudi Arabia is holding its annual CAMEL beauty pageant right now . . . which is actually a huge deal that has $57 million in prize money. But a dozen camels just got disqualified . . . because their trainers used Botox. (Newsweek

A guy in Florida stole several exotic fish from a pet store earlier this month by shoving them down his pants. He did at least bag them first though. He was arrested for theft. (WFLA / FOX13)

A 50-year-old woman in Michigan has been taking care of her elderly mother full-time for the past year. And her finances were so drained, she thought she might end up homeless. But then she bought a $2 lottery ticket last Sunday, and won $25,000 a year for LIFE. (

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