Info To Give Your Babysitter Watching The Kids On NYE

There’s some really important info babysitters need when you go out; especially on New Year’s Eve.

A new survey shows that only 48-percent of parents asked give their fill-in babysitter key emergency information. And only 47-percent pass on their pediatrician’s phone number. C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital at the University of Michigan did the study and has suggestions in preparation for your big night out.

Here are the must gives to babysitters who don’t routinely watch your kids:

  1. How long you will be gone and your contact number.
  2. Basic health info on the kids.
  3. Their doctor’s phone number.
  4. Hospital information.
  5. A First Aid book.
  6. How you want emergencies handled.
  7. Basic protocols you prefer.

Source: New York Post


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