Five Everyday Things We Can't Agree On

Almost a million people recently took a poll online about random everything day things, and how they do them.  Here are five we just can't agree on . . .

1.  Do you squeeze your tube of toothpaste, or roll the end so it all stays at the top?  55% said they're squeezers.  45% are rollers.

2.  When you say the word that's spelled G-I-F, how do you pronounce it?  It's an even split.  50% say it with a "J" sound . . . JIF.  50% say it with a "G" sound . . . GIF.  (For what it's worth, the guy who created GIFs says it's "JIF.")

3.  When you eat hot wings, do you prefer the drumstick kind, or the flat kind with two bones in it?  62% said drumstick.  38% prefer the kind with two bones even though it's harder to eat.

4.  When you have pizza, do you eat the crust or toss it?  68% eat it.  32% don't.

5.  When you text, do you mostly use "LOL" or "Haha" when you think something's funny?  54% said "Haha."  46% said "LOL."

But how we HOLD our phone is one thing we DO agree on.  95% of people said they hold it vertically while they text.  Only 5% hold it on its side. 

(FULL STORY Buzzfeed, Image (c) 2017 GettyImages)


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