The Annual Family Pumpkin Carving Festival!

First, a picture of the finished pumpkins!  Kaylee and Jack are posing behind their respective pumpkins.  There were eleven of us altogether.  First we went to the local pumpkin patch, agonized over finding The Right Pumpkin.   Then the artists of all ages went to work.  

Remember one of my blogs last week about using a cordless drill with a beater attachment (yes, from the hand-held electric beater) to loosen all the innards of the pumpkin?  Here our son-in-law, Isaac, demonstrates.  Kaylee looks on, reserving judgment and ready to duck any flying pumpkin guts that might head her way.

But the allure of the power tool overcame her reluctance and in she went, game face on.  It really works, by the way.

Jack prefers the traditional methods of our pumpkin-carving forefathers.  

Carving was followed by "Gobblin' Tacos," pumpkin muffins, and some really great carved pumpkins we hope will make it to Halloween.   

photos Joe Daily's Scrapbook 


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