Our Young Sports Enthusiast!

Having had only daughters, this whole football thing is totally new to us.  We're becoming fans very quickly.  This past weekend we were at one of the last games of their season and it was just so much fun.  The wonderful dads who coach the teams, with just the right mixture of discipline, instruction, fun, encouragement and "fathering," are just the best!   

Jack was so happy and proud he "carried the ball!"  I have to say, we were really impressed with the skill these children have, at the young age of kindergarten to second grade.  Just running around with all that gear should be a sport with its own category.  

We'll be at many games to come, that's for sure.  GO BLUE DEVILS!  

The first photo Charlotte took; the action shot was by our son-in-law, Lee, now the photographer for D Level.  


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