I Get to Meet Some of the Nicest People!

Some of you may have heard my lament yesterday morning about my windshield wiper failure on the way to work at 2:45 in the morning.  It wasn't raining, but it was one of those foggy mornings that requires working windshield wipers.  

My plight came to the attention of Lee Burns at DCH Wappingers Falls Toyota, and on my way home I stopped in, my Prius was whisked away to the Service Department where Tom, Windshield Wiper Expert, quickly located and repaired the problem and I was back on Route 9 before I knew it, a load off my mind for this morning, and grateful, once again, to have had the privilege of meeting a truly skilled AND happy-to-help-you person.  Thank you, Tom and Lee!  

PS They had THE BEST oatmeal raisin cookies (my favorite) in the Customer Lounge. 

photo Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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