Did You Grow Up in NY, NJ?

If you grew up in New York, New Jersey or the neighboring Connecticut, check out what THIS says about you and .... if it's true.

If you grew up in Connecticut, you call it a grinder, not a sub...you eat butter, not mayo on your lobster rolls and you LOVE the Huskies, even if you know nothing about them!

If you grew up in New Jersey, you to down to the shore, not to the beach and your really don't know how to pump your own gas!  LOL

And....if you're a New Yorker, you've never been to the Statue of Liberty, you've debated what upstate is and there's an on-going discuss about salt potatoes and riggies (?)

I actually spent some time in Vermont....here's the rest of the story!

Photo courtesy:  gettyimages.com


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