Woman's Revenge Against Ex Who Screwed Her Over Is So Simple Yet So Epic

Many of us have been screwed over by an ex and wanted to get revenge, but sometimes it's just too much effort to deal with. 

However, one genius woman figured out an amazing way to get back at a former flame and it's so simple that any jilted lover can easily do it - she gives his number to guys who hit on her who she's not into. 

The woman's vengeance is so impressive that even her ex respects it, tweeting out a screen shot of one of the guy's messages and calling her move "well played." 

Twitter is now hailing the woman as a hero:

Prepare to hear about a lot more people doing this now:

Some people are even helping Daniel with his comeback:

Pro tip: It's always good to text a number you are given at a bar right away so they have your digits and remember who you are, but also to see if the number is legit. 

Photo Credit: Getty

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