Ease Your Mind WhileYou're On Vacation....Take Photos!!

You're on vacation, kicking back....relaxing and all of a sudden, DID I LEAVE THE STOVE ON?  DID I LEAVE THE TOASTER PLUGGED IN?  DID I LEAVE THE A/C ON?????

We ALL have these nightmares, so....to ease your mind and it may seem a bit tedious, take pictures!  Take that photo of your stove knobs, hair straightener, a/c control box, did I lock the front door....all of the things that you need to make sure you took care of before you left for vacation and this way, you'll know everything is good to go!

(In the winter in our house, it's "DID I CLOSE THE DOOR ON THE WOOD STOVE!!!")

Photos courtesy:  gettyimages.com


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