I'm Back From Vacation!

A week's vacation goes really fast!  I had a relaxing work-around-the-house week, no sarcasm intended-- it was very satisfying getting some repairs and upgrades done.  And not only that, I took my bike out almost every morning (early) on the rail trail--gave myself a good work-out.  Deer crossed in front of me, and one morning a very big owl landed right next to me on the path!  I've seen owls in the early morning on my way to the radio station, when they'd swoop low in front of the car, but never have I had such a close, sustained encounter.  It was really breath taking.  Charlotte and I spent time together, which doesn't often happen when we're both awake at the same time.  We visited with family in New Jersey, and, one of my favorite things--I detailed my car, which hadn't been done in a long time.  (You can thank me for the rain.)  I just love doing that.  It's very relaxing for me.  

I'm enjoying being back here too.  Thank you to Michelle for flying solo during my absence.  In a way, my vacation was a vacation for her.  From me.  So onward and upward!  Lots of good things planned, and, as usual, a lot of fun.  

photo Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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