Some Couples BAN Songs At Their Wedding!

I look forward to being a guest at a wedding, especially being able to DANCE!  I'm usually the DJ, but it's fun to be on the other side!  

MusicWhen I consult with the happy couple I ask for the "must plays" and "please don't play THIS, or forget it"'s the latest list of what you might NOT hear at a wedding!

Chicken Dance, Macarena, Cha Cha Slide....Cupid Shuffle (I LOVE THIS ONE), YMCA, Electric Slide (WHAT, I love this), Hokey Pokey (lol), Wobble (many try, but after a few beats, they bail), Happy, Shout, Love Shack (WHAT?)....We Are Family, Blurred Lines, Celebration and COTTON EYE JOE!  OMG, come on have fun...let it go, these are fun!  

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