Shopping Spree in a Plant Paradise!

If you look very closely, you'll see Monica from New Paltz peaking over the horizon of all her new plant friends.  Monica is the winner of the Joe & Michelle's Trivia Impossible Grand Prize--a $250.00 shopping spree at the beautiful Twin Ponds Nursery on Albany Post Road in Montgomery.  

(This is the way our van looks after Charlotte goes to Twin Ponds.  I only have to dig some of the deeper holes.)

That's Monica on the left, and with her is Sue, who, with her husband Tom, are the owners of the Nursery.  Sue had lots of helpful advice and suggestions.  It was definitely difficult to decide.  Which, also, by the way, is one of Charlotte's excuses, I mean reasons.  

If you have some spaces in your yard or containers yet to fill, or something(s) need to be replaced, Twin Ponds is a perfect destination to select from a wide variety of plants still available, and renew your enthusiasm in general, which might be flagging a bit with all the humidity.

Find out more about Twin Ponds here.  

photos Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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