100-Year-Old Florence Says That Doing This, Keeps Her Young!

If you guessed wine?....you were right!!!!!

Midsection Of Waiter Pouring Wine In Glass At Restaurant

100 Year-Old Florence Bearse from Bangor, Maine was asked what was her secret to living to 100?!!!  She said, WINE!

She said she likes her wine and it's her secret to enjoying such a long life!  Cheers, I agree! 

So, I looked into Florence's claim that wine is just fine!, this is what I found:

Drinking wine will reduce the risk for a heart attack, because wine reduces high blood pressure by 30%!  Drinking wine lowers the risk of heart disease, because wine contains procyanidins which protect against heart disease.  Many other studies prove that drinking wine will reduce Type 2 Diabetes, risk of cataracts, cuts the risk of colon cancer and slow brain decline!

Photos courtesy:  gettyimages.com 


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