Because It Was Time to Fill Our Window Boxes!

Charlotte goes to Twin Ponds Greenhouses in Montgomery several times during the season, but always waits for one visit when I can join her.  And not just because I can carry things.  I relaxed into the whole wonderful experience, learned a few things from the knowledgeable and helpful staff, and even had a few good ideas myself, one of which resulted in an impulse purchase which is hanging on our front porch now.  It's red, pink and white.  I don't recognize or know the names of any plants, just marigolds, so my contribution is mostly admiring and interrupting Charlotte while she does her careful calculations.  

Do you think I look a little outdoorsy in this picture?  Oh never mind.  

This is Tom McGowan, owner, with his wife Sue, of Twin Ponds.  She is pictured below with two of their children, Meg and Evan.  I think even if you aren't much for, as our oldest daughter Aubrey used to say, "putting your hands in yucky leaves," you will catch their enthusiasm and at the very least bring home a pack of marigolds.  Can't go wrong with marigolds!  Charlotte chose some beautiful plants (no marigolds) to fill all our window boxes.  Let the watering begin!  (I help with that too.)

I had so much fun that I'm going to go back and take along one lucky listener for a special Twin Ponds shopping spree!  Could be you!  Listen to the Morning Show to find out how you can win.  I can carry things for you.  

photos Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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