"Joe on the Road" - "Meet the Pets, Win the Mets" in Pleasant Valley

We returned on Thursday to the McDonald's in Pleasant Valley.  As you can see, Leah brought another charmer, delighted to be there to greet everyone and be petted.  His name is Billie Jo and he's anxious for a home and someone to love.

Also in the picture above is one of our winners!--George from Poughquag . . . and

our second winner, standing in the middle next to our SpokesModel, Julie, is Robert from Beacon.

Both winners took home the "Wake Up With Rhinebeck Bank" coffee mug containing a pair of Mets tickets, two tickets to SplashDown Beach, and a chance at the Grand Prize: season tickets to SplashDown Beach!

The McDonald's staff was wonderful, as always.  Everyone had a great time, saying hello and meeting each other!  

Next Monday, between noon and 12:30, look for me at the McDonald's . . . to be announced--I'll let you know as soon as I find out!  I will definitely be announcing it on Monday's show!  Or you can check here.  

photos Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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