Throwback Thursday - Yes . . .That's Me. And My Hair . . .

Yes . . . that's me, and my hair, and my 1969 Chevelle Malibu 2-door with bench seats, 3-speed on the floor, 307 V8 with baby moon hubcaps and white striped tires.  I washed and waxed her every weekend.  Oh, and she had an 8-track tape player under the dash.  

Anyway, I dug this photo out again.  Every Spring brings back the memory for some reason.  The photo was taken in 1972 or 3.  It was the car I was driving when I met Charlotte, who admitted later on that she was as attracted to my car as she was to me.  Nice that we could share that appreciation.  ha.  

See you Saturday between 10 and 3.

photo Joe Daily's Scrapbook

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