"Joe on the Road" - "Spring Into Summer!"

I met some very nice listeners yesterday at the McDonald's on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie, across from Marist College.   Above is our first winner, Vrelin from Poughkeepsie . . .

and here is Millie from Poughkeepsie.  I just love giving away prizes--it's one of the happiest parts of my job.  

Both our winners took home prize packages that included, tucked inside the "Wake Up With Rhinebeck Bank" coffee mug, two tickets to Splashdown Beach, four tickets for the Hudson Valley Fair.  

As you know, all winners are eligible for the Grand Prize: season tickets for SplashDown Beach.

Thanks to the wonderful staff at McDonald's--it's always a big pleasure to see you and enjoy your sincere hospitality!  

Thursday look for me at the McDonald's in Pleasant Valley.  Come by, say hello, enjoy a free cup of coffee, join the fun and maybe win some prizes!  I'll be there between noon and 12:30.

photos Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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