How many champion Yankees have you met? Meet Bern!

I got the chance to meet two Yankees who at some point were a part of the championship teams that scored all those World Series rings in the late 90s and early 2000s:

Jason Giambi. It was while I was in Fort Myers to visit my sister-in-law (a Red Sox fan - boo!) and she took my wife and me to a spring training Yanks/Sox game and he signed autographs after the game.

Joe Girardi. I was working a Q92 event at Splashdown Beach and he was there with his family on one of the Yankees days off a few years ago. Great guys both!

Now THIS THURSDAY April 20th another crucial member of that World Series run of the Yankees will be HERE at the Villa Borghese for a very special evening.

Don't miss your chance to meet and greet one of the nicest and most talented guys to play the game we all love - Bernie Williams. Call 845-863-5242 right now before it sells out! 863-5242. 


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