Goodbye to Our Friend Eddie

Our Eddie Murphy, who all you listeners will recognize as the name of our frequent caller who would often contribute his good humor and jokes to the morning show, passed away last week.  Eddie has been calling the show for many years.  The phone would ring, I'd pick it up, and in his signature quick, staccato delivery he would just immediately start, "Joe . . . Eddie from Marlboro . . . these two guys were walking down the street . . ."  As soon as we'd all laugh, he'd quickly say, "see-ya."  And off he'd go.  I think making people smile was one of the things that brought him the most satisfaction in life.  And he was very good at it.  

Eddie, with his big heart, did many things.  Whenever he could he would be there to support station events and causes.  Just off the top of my head . . . Every year he would arrive at the Food Drive with bags of food to share.  Anytime he picked up a prize at the station (he was a frequent winner), he'd bring cookies.  One special day he  brought us one of his mother's Blue Ribbon-winning pies.  

This is from a Breast Cancer Awareness Month event at Hyde Park Jeweler.  Next to Eddie is Paulette Pettorossi, another faithful listener, and on the end, Laurie Cusher, owner of Hyde Park Jeweler.  

Eddie was with us on our Cruise on the Hudson, many live broadcasts, even accompanied Cameron Hendrix on a trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.  (He brought cookies to share with everyone on the bus.)  This is just a few of the many things he did with the radio station--the list of his contributions to his community goes on and on.  

Eddie was very proud that he still could fit in his Air Force uniform.  He is standing here with our iHeartMedia Market President, Chuck Benfer.

It will take a long time, if ever, to stop expecting the phone call to be from Eddie, but that will give us many many occasions to think of him and even now, that will always bring a smile.  Eddie will be pleased, I'm sure.  

"Hey, St. Peter, Eddie from Marlboro . . . two guys were walking down the street . . . "

photos the Murphy Family, and Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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