TBT - Always a Bridesmaid, Took FOREVER To Be a Bride!

Looks like the 90's couldn't shake the 80's with all this hair and me, a bridesmaid....again!  Honestly, all the weddings were unique, special and could tell one million stories!  This one, the bride loved Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream, and as a current resident of Vermont, I transported the cake from Vermont to New York!  

And....look at this centerpiece!  It was designed and delivered by DAVID TUTERA!  I'm not lying!  David used to own an event and party planning business in Westchester County, (yes, I knew and worked with him!!!) before becoming famous on WeTV, et. all!   Pretty elaborate, but that was the thing....whoa!

Photos courtesy:  Christine O'Hanlon Bonchick


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