New iPhone Case That's Also an Android Phone? Yup!

There's a ridiculous new cell phone case on Kickstarter right now that's PERFECT for anyone who's ever been crushed by the pressure of one of the great debates of our time:  iPhone or Android.

Because it's an iPhone case . . . that's also an Android phone. 

Seriously.  The case has its own big screen and runs Android.  You can put in a SIM card and give it its own phone number, so you can call and text from it.  And it doesn't need a separate plan, because it shares the iPhone's data.

It also has a large battery built in that it shares with the iPhone, so your phone will last longer through the day.  And you can charge that battery . . . and the iPhone itself . . . wirelessly.  Basically, this case is like a very helpful parasite.

Now, because it's on Kickstarter, there's always a risk that the project will fall apart and you'll lose your money.  But you can get in on it for $95, which is reasonable . . . and isn't THAT much more than a case that just has the extended battery like this one.

It's scheduled to start shipping in August. 

(Kickstarter / Gizmodo

(Google "android iPhone case kickstarter" to check it out.)


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