March for Meals 2017!

Of course you've heard many times about Meals on Wheels.  Perhaps you know someone who receives meals, or you deliver them yourself.  It's a wonderful and so-needed service.  Clients are not just seniors, but include many other persons who for some reason are homebound.  Besides the nutrition, they benefit from the daily hello and smile and the connection with another person that the brief visits provide.  And (because I know) volunteers receive more than the persons receiving the meals.

Jack Fenton from Meals on Wheels of Greater Hyde Park is dedicated to spreading the word and encourages everyone to either avail themselves of the Program, tell someone about it, or even consider volunteering.  It doesn't involve a huge time commitment and now is a great time to find out more during this "March for Meals 2017" campaign.  

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photo Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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