Mrs. Sara Zeyher is Our Q92 Teacher of the Month!

Michelle and I visited the Ralph R. Smith Elementary School in Hyde Park on Tuesday to present the Teacher of the Month Award to Mrs. Sara Zeyher.  She teaches Fourth and Fifth Grades, and was nominated by her student, Carter .  His letter included accolades telling us, "She teaches Math, Science and Social Studies in a fun way," and "Mrs. Zeyher always has a smile on her face all day long."  

Thank you, Carter, for letting us know, and after meeting Mrs. Zeyher ourselves, we can heartily agree with your high opinion of her, which is obviously shared by the rest of the students and the faculty, as well.  We! felt better being in her company.  

Michelle and I presented Carter with a backpack filled with prizes to thank him; and Mrs. Zeyher received a number of gifts, including a $100 gift card from TEG Federal Credit Union to buy something for the whole class, a $100 gift card for Cosimo's in Poughkeepsie, tickets to see Rod Stewart and Cindi Lauper at Bethel Woods, and more.  (Michelle and I just love our job!)

Special thanks to Principal Melissa Lawson for her help in arranging our visit.  It was our pleasure, to be sure.

We could be coming to your child's school next.  To find out more, including how to nominate that special teacher, visit

photo Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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