I Had Good Company On My Bike Rides Last Week

One of my favorite activities when I'm home is taking my bike out, especially early in the morning, and riding the Rail Trail between Walden and Wallkill. It's just beautiful. Whenever I go, I see something different. (Last year one of the highlights was seeing an owl.) The other day I posted a picture of the sunrise, taken Wednesday, the first of my three days off last week.

Two of our grandchildren were visiting while I was home, so later that same day, Wednesday, we took off for a ride together. They were troopers!--we rode over four miles that evening!

After I showed them a picture I'd taken of the sunrise, Kaylee said she wanted to go with me the next morning. (Jack elected to stay in bed.) Sure enough, when I woke her a little after 5, she hopped out of bed and we were back on the trail about 5:30. We were not disappointed. The sunrise was beautiful once again.

Friday morning I was back on my own, but not alone, as you can see. Besides this happy family, I was joined by many rabbits, some pacing me along the side of the road, a pheasant, chipmunks, one mole, millions of birds I think, and one very large woodchuck. The ponds I passed were alive with the sounds of frogs.

The Walden-Wallkill Rail Trail is certainly a treasure.

photos Joe Daily's Scrapbook

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