I Was a Shark at Marlboro Middle School!

How fun....I was a Shark and I had as much money as I wanted to spend and I STILL didn't 'win'! In this case, the students were the big WINNERS, all six of them!

From Miss Wolfert's email to me...

"Eight teams from Miss Wolfert's 7th grade English classes from Marlboro Middle School presented in the 4th Annual Shark Tank project. Twenty-four teams are left to present the rest of this week.

Task: Month-long cross-curricular project to build a company, product, advertisements, and presentation that mocks the hit television show "Shark Tank."  

One of the teams to present was Matt, Massiel, and Logan with M&L's Supercharge "Forever Battery." Their product was a limitless rechargeable battery using recycled materials, like water and milk jugs. They power their product using iced tea. The group's television commercial depicted a small child who's toy had gone dead. Luckily, this team came to the rescue with their Forever Battery and the day was saved. They ended up landing a deal with an 8th grade shark, Jack.

Another team to present was the Bow Wow Wheel by Tired Pup. Emersyn, Kadofi, and Kateri gave a well-rehearsed and enthusiastic presentation. Their product was a customizable dog bed made out of a recycled tire, padding, and fabrics that they were selling for $100-150 depending on size. They created a radio ad that showcased the need for their product, and also donated 10% of their profits to the local SPCAs. The company used the celebrity Ellen DeGeneres to promote their Bow Wow Wheel. Sharks were fighting over this one! Three Sharks combined to offer the group $325,000 for 30% of their company. Their vibrant presentation will certainly be difficult to top!" 

Thank you for having me, it was a great time! Here's my day --->

Photos courtesy, Miss Wolfert, Marlboro Middle School

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