The Cool House

If your house growing up had great snacks, games and even a trampoline – odds are you had the cool house on the block. A new study asked Americans about their childhoods and what they thought the best houses were like.

For nearly half of respondents, as long as the pantry was stocked with good snacks – that was the go-to house for having fun. Next in line was having access to video games and cable TV.

Sixty-seven percent of parents surveyed said they want their house to be the “cool house” for their kids and their friends to have fun at.

Top signs of a cool house:

  1. Good snacks
  2. Video games
  3. Cable TV
  4. Pool
  5. Different toys than I had
  6. Board games
  7. Big backyard
  8. A dog/pet to play with
  9. Siblings to play with
  10. Trampoline

photo credit: Getty Images

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