Shortage Still in the Supermarkets?

Right from the get go, the struggle was real! We couldn't find toilet paper or paper towel on the shelves! Two weeks prior to March 14, 2020....the Husband went to Sam's Club with our oldest daughter and bought a GI-GANTIC package of toilet paper and paper towel, knowing we'll use them....I was frustrated with this. We're two people, why do we need so much?!!! We don't have a basement....where do I put this? I was strategic....wink/wink. Then, the bottom dropped out, and I was grateful for his purchase (I won't tell him, LOL)! I was concerned of running out too....and even purchased extra laundry detergent, in the event we needed to use socks if we ran out of toilet paper, I KNOW....GROSS, but I was ready!

I'm a fan of multigrain Tostitos Chips....kept a back up in the cabinet. Since mid-March I haven't found these anywhere!!! Most recently, there was a graham cracker shortage....probably most having fire pits and s'mores are a thing....AND fun :)

#tellittotaylor: Other than TP , PT and disinfectant wipes....what product(s) can't you find on the shelves?!! ~ Michelle


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