Burning a Candle at Home Brings Me Joy!

I love candles! I'm somewhat of a candle 'collector', aka hoarder! Guilty....but it makes me happy and my family gets me!

I'm very predictable when it comes to my candle scents, somewhat of a candle snob. I'm a fan of a select few....depending on the store. Pier 1's Sea Air, Oceans or Sea Grass :)....and any time of the year, doesn't have to be around the holidays....Balsam Fir or Christmas Tree. Yankee Candle is my go-to from time to time. And my girlfriend Angela makes soy candles and melts that are to die for!! LOVE supporting her and her home-based business. If you want her contact information, let me know ;)

#tellitotaylor Question of the Day: What's your favorite candle scent(s)?

Photo courtesy: Michelle Taylor's iPhone

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