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Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro will be our first guest on today's edition of Joe Daily Weekly, which starts at 10. Also joining us will be Mary Kay Vrba from Dutchess Tourism, Felicia Kirschner, who will update us on our Salute to Graduates AND also Nurses this month. Plus, we'll catch up with Miss O (Janet Ohnikian), on the anniversary of Miss O Day at Titusville Intermediate School. And it wouldn't be a complete show without Lou and his chickens and another episode in Michelle Taylor's World (this is one you definitely won't want to miss--I haven't words . . .).

I was inspired to get out this picture of the working Welltron 2001 "Spaceball" radio that lives with our daughter, Mary and her husband, Isaac. It evokes for me some of the magic that was, and to some extent, still is radio. This model was manufactured in the 70s and features AM and FM bands and an 8-track tape player!--the height of modern technology then.  It's about the size of a bowling ball and also about the same weight, which is why it never gained popularity as a portable radio, even though it has a handle on top. :)) 

photo our daughter, Mary

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